Every Market Day is Kids Day

FACE PAINT: We have face painting by Elise and Abi, arts and craft materials puzzles and Fletcher Free Library’s Summer Reading sign-up and weekly check in.

ImageThe 5th grade duo have been face and body painting and hair decorating for a few years. They are using earnings to pay for replacement paints and materials. Simple images for $2 and larger or more difficult painting requires more time and paints so those are $5. Glitter sprinkle for 50 cents more.

ARTS AND CRAFTS: We will have an area where kids can make whatever they can imagine. Simple creations for 50 cents. Add 25 cents for medium amount of supplies. And another 25 cents for larger creations. If the craft uses a lot of supplies we can negociate a reasonable price.

PUZZLES: Puzzles and fun challenges of the mind will also be available. To solve is free. The puzzles stay unless it is done on paper. We are not talking jig-saw puzzles.We are talking about brain challenges. Bring friends and compete for fun.

SUMMER READING: Parents this may be your favorite. Keep your kids reading through the summer. Fletcher Free Library has run a great summer reading program for a number of years. Kids decide how how many books they can read and contract with the library for various incentives and prizes. The children then check-in through the summer to note their progress. We are excited that our Market is one of the check-in spots between 3 and 5 pm.



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